Frequently Asked Question

Questions from our valuable clients.

- Will there be more carrier integrated?

We are actively working with 9 carriers around the world to get them into our system. We speed up things with requests from users.

- Can I export or import my products into the system?

Yes, on our Inventory page you will find an template that can be downloaded and using our Inventory Import Wizard you can easily import all your products.

- Can I export my orders from the system?

Yes, in our Orders page you will find a simple button that will allows you to select a time range for exporting.

- What is your eCommerce consultancy?

Business may vary from any point of view but the main aspect of a business is to create a great customer experience and increase revenue. Accomplishing this requires a great amount of domain knowledge, which is crucial for internal management. Faster Stores can help you understand the needs of your business in terms of data. Faster Stores will look into your business from a data point of view focusing on what your business needs in terms of data.

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